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Natural health product for kids, rich in vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

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We all know that vitamins are especially important in autumn and winter as they help to protect our bodies from all kinds of colds, flues and also various viruses.
Since each type of vitamin benefits us a little differently, we require a whole range or spectrum of them in our daily diets. But to get our daily requirement, we would have to eat a lot of different fruits, vegetables as well as other foods.  And getting our children to eat a varied diet every day is easier said than done.
Akuna’s multi-vitamin and multi-mineral drink Pinky may just be the answer your household needs. Especially designed for children and teens, Pinky contains the daily nutritional requirements for those age groups.
Thanks to Pinky, you can give your little ones a cocktail full of beneficial substances every day. Save yourself the hassle of looking for so many varied foods in order to ensure an intake of all essential nutrients... and also the trouble of getting your children to eat them.

The package contains 4 bottles of Pinky.