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15 ml (during the day)

AkuSport is a liquid food supplement containing a combination of important protein nutrients, i.e. essential and the so-called branched amino acids. Essential amino acids are vital for the human body, the human body is unable to create them and is therefore dependent on their intake from food. Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body.

AkuSport contains a group of essential amino acids vital for the human body - leucine, isoleucine and valine, which form a group of branched chain amino acids - BCAA. These are a group of amino acids with a very specific structure that do not break down in the liver like other amino acids, but remain unchanged to be used by muscle tissue, adipose tissue, kidney and brain, where they serve as a source of energy.
In case of increased physical activity, the organism consumes amino acids and takes them mainly from muscle mass. If the amino acids are delivered before the exercise, the body uses them as a very suitable energy source without having to reach into their own reserves.

Taking them after the exercise we supply the body with the necessary amount of "building material" to restore muscle mass and start overall regeneration of the body.

Amino acids should be supplied to the body in all supplemental sports or activities, as they help to relax muscles and relieve muscle pain. Combined with regular training and a healthy balanced diet, they are beneficial for building muscle mass.

AkuSport can help start the overall regeneration of the body after physical performance and harmonize physiological processes during sport activity.

It is used in times of acute physiological fatigue, which may reduce muscle function, coordination disorders and increase the risk of injury, but also during normal physiological fatigue, which naturally occurs during any sport, work or mental activity.
AkuSport is also enriched with other beneficial substances such as ribose, acerola and ginseng.
Ribose is a simple sugar, which, unlike glucose, is not a fast energy source but an organism's 'building material'.
Acerola fruits are very rich in vitamin C and also contain organic acids, flavonoids and minerals.
Ginseng root is a well-known traditional adaptogen that contributes to balancing the body with external influences and as a tonic enhances vitality.

15 ml single dose formulation: purified water, L-leucine 150 mg, L-glutamine 100 mg, D-ribose 100 mg, L-citrulline 100 mg, acerola (Malpighia glabra, fruit, 100 mg), L-valine 90 mg, L-isoleucine 70 mg, Panax ginseng root 10 mg, preservative (potassium sorbate).
Recommended daily dose and usage warning: 1 tablespoon (15 ml) once a day during the day, always drink well with plenty of water or tea, especially during exercise, not to be taken at night. Do not use if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of the ingredients. In case of pregnancy or breast-feeding, contact a healthcare professional before using. Also, consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are suffering from diabetes, are taking medicines for depression, medicines that affect blood clotting, or the heart medicine digoxin. Stop using if insomnia, anxiety or headache occurs.

Daily dose contains15 ml
Leucine150 mg
L-Glutamine100 mg
D-Ribosse100 mg
L-citrulline100 mg
Acerova100 mg
L-Valine90 mg
L-isoleucine70 mg
Panax ginseng10 mg
Use: Shake the bottle well before use and store in the refrigerator after opening! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. Not intended for children.
Storage: Store in a dry and dark place at low temperatures. Keep out of reach of children. This product has been securely sealed for your safety - do not use if the seal has been broken.
Pure raw materials and quality control: all raw materials come from ecologically clean areas. Individual extracts and final product are continuously tested by an accredited laboratory in Canada. Akuna Health Products Inc. is ISO and GMP certified, which guarantees the absolute highest product standard.

Malpighia punicofolia / Acerola - acerola fruits are very rich in vitamin C (acerola content is up to 30 times higher than in the same amount of an orange) as well as other natural substances that increase its effect: organic acids such as malic acid, and flavonoids , such as rutin. Higher doses of Vitamin C accelerate the production of interferon, a protein that slows virus multiplication and boosts the immune system. Thanks to these properties, acerola is recommended for all types of infectious diseases, especially if they are of viral origin (flu, cold, etc.). It also contains vitamins A, B6, bioflavonoids and minerals, especially iron, calcium and magnesium.

Ginseng - the effect of ginseng on the human body is very complex. The results of expert studies have shown effects on the circulatory system, the central nervous system, the endocrine system or the immune system. Ginseng root is a well-known traditional adaptogen that contributes to balancing the body with external influences and as a tonic enhances vitality.
The product further contains leucine, valine, isoleucine, glutamine, citrulline and D-ribose.

Leucine is one of the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce and that needs to be taken in the diet. Leucine promotes the maintenance of blood glucose and is involved in the synthesis of muscle proteins. Together with the amino acids isoleucine and valine, it is part of the branched chain amino acid family known as BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids). This group accounts for up to 35% of the muscle content. Together with other amino acids it is involved in the production of muscle fibres, promoting better release of certain hormones in the human body, such as growth hormone, thyroid hormone and insulin.
Not only do athletes can use these amino acids. They are also suitable for patients on a slimming diet. Their use in a vegetarian diet is also important. They help protect the body from excessive protein degradation, energize the muscles and reduce carbohydrate and fat intake while maintaining performance.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscles. Under stressful conditions, be it trauma, post-operative conditions, injuries or intense training, the body consumes enormous amounts of glutamine and its own natural production is not enough to cover these needs - in this case, it is absolutely necessary to take it with dietary supplements. It is designed for growth, protection and regeneration of muscle mass, helps eliminate fatigue and depression, improves memory and mental activity, supports the increase of growth hormone and testosterone levels.

Citrulline is an amino acid that helps, among other things, reduce muscle pain and improve overall performance in sports. This substance increases energy and stimulates the immune system, improves healing, relieves fatigue, improves blood flow to tissues and increases muscle resistance to lactic acid.