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Rejuvenate with Alveo

By Dr. S. Khoshbin

In herbalism, there is no set number or limit as to how many herbs can be combined. The combination of herbs and the number of herbal extracts used, depends solely on what you want to achieve in the final product. When combining a variety of ingredients, it is the synergistic effect that matters most. Alveo is the final product of a lengthy process of careful selection, testing, and formulating. Each and every ingredient adds its own benefit to the product while also acting with the other ingredients for a combined effect.

The basis for the Alveo formulation came from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and traditional herbal medicines. TCM is a healing and restorative system, where herbs are prescribed to restore balance to the opposing forces of energy, Yin and Yang. Traditional herbal medicines are deeply rooted in all cultures and societies all over the world dating back thousands of years into our history. Based on the wisdom of these practices, Alveo was diligently crafted to cleanse the vital organs and at the same time to act as a tonic that will rejuvenate cells and increase vitality. We wanted to achieve something with a good and lasting effect on the body.

Alveo is unique and unlike other products on the market today because of the specific combination of herbs used. Special herbs with cleansing and tonic properties were selected to alleviate the toxic load off of our organs in order to improve their function and give our bodies energy. The fact that it comes in a liquid is another unique feature. Unlike pills and capsules, Alveo liquid is quickly absorbable and makes the ingredients readily available without straining your liver.

Alveo is offered in two flavours, mint and grape. Both Alveos share the benefit of providing you with vitality and energy, therefore your choice of flavour may simply be a taste preference. Alveo Mint is an excellent choice for people with diabetes because it is completely sugar free. Peppermint oil is good for people with problematic digestive systems. It helps with digestion, relieves flatulence and supports digestive enzymes. Red grape juice has great heart benefits and is good for blood cleansing; it helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and reduces blood clotting.

Alveo can be taken along with other medication. There are not any known drug interactions. We do however caution against taking Alveo while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells and weakening the immune system. Alveo on the other hand boosts the immune system and strengthens body function. Also, because of its cleansing properties we recommend that you take Alveo, 2 hours prior or after taking other medications.

Alveo works best when 1 capful or 1 ounce is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. If you suffer from ailments or find that you have more of a toxin build-up in your body, you may take another capful or ounce in the early afternoon and again preferably before food. How soon you observe the benefits of Alveo, varies from person to person. You may begin to feel positive changes in as little as week or it may take a couple months. Your “toxicity levels” are a definite factor in this and regular daily use is very important.

Some individuals may also experience a healing crisis. This phenomenon also known as the "Herxheimer Reaction", occurs when your body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of through the blood or lymphatic systems. The more toxic your body systems are, the more severe the detoxification, or healing crisis. Your body will expel these toxins any way possible, like through the skin for example, in which case you may experiences rashes or acne. Other symptoms include headache, nausea, fever, joint pain, depression, constipation, muscle cramps and the list goes on. This phase should last about 2 to 3 days and then your condition should begin to improve, but again depending on your toxicity it could last up to a week or longer. Do not worry though because the healing crisis is a normal process that toxic individuals will often encounter on their path to getting well.

In the Western world, chronic diseases are responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths each year. This may be largely attributed to environmental factors and our processed-food diets. Disease prevention is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid chronic diseases and it is the only long-term solution. This is why cleansing your body of harmful toxins and supplementing your diet with essential nutrients has never been more important. Alveo compliments your healthy lifestyle. Alveo will help to cleanse and rejuvenate your organs, it will revitalize them and get them working properly. This will strengthen your immunity, increase your nutrient absorption and optimize your overall well-being.



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