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Take a Plaster

“Take a Plaster”


Wood vinegar plasters were developed to help revitalize the body and promote better health and longevity. Wood vinegar plasters are totally natural, safe and easy to use.

Your body is constantly being bombarded by environmental pollutants and attacked by toxins from your diet. These unwanted substances build up in your body continuously and over time. If not eliminated, they become toxic and contribute to the occurrence of various diseases and dysfunctions. Accumulated toxic waste tends to affect and disturb all systems in your body and thereby predispose your body organs, joints and tissues to inflammations. Once the microorganisms that induce inflammation start to proliferate, disease and illness begin to develop. When the waste accumulation in your body reaches a certain level, you may also experience fatigue, restlessness, brain and nervous disturbances and other health problems.

Based on the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, “Take a Plaster” detox patches help cleanse your body of toxic waste. - There are over 360 reflection points on the surface of the human body and more than 60 of them are located on the soles, which traditional Chinese medicine regards as the “second heart” of the body. Toxins travel through your body during the day and accumulate in the reflection zones of your feet. Wood vinegar essence extracted from certain tree species such as Bamboo has the ability to absorb and extract toxins through the reflection points on the soles. As the harmful substances are naturally eliminated, it becomes easier for blood to flow and circulate throughout the body, thus promoting optimum health.



    The ingredients in Take a Plaster help:

    - relieve pain and reduce swelling

    - strengthen the immune system

    - suppress fatigue

    - deliver energy to the body

    - improve sleep quality

    - remove toxins from the body

    - improve metabolism


Main ingredients 

Wood vinegar

Wood vinegar improves blood circulation and has an osmotic effect, which facilitates toxins to pass through cell membranes and to be eliminated from the body through the pores on our feet. It can also alleviate toxins from swollen parts of the body and generally relieve swelling.

Bamboo vinegar

Bamboo vinegar is a very rare and valuable by-product of bamboo carbonization. It has exceptional absorption and sterilization properties. It is believed to be three times more effective than wood vinegar. Its herbal properties are excellent in removing undesirable harmful substances and toxins from the human body.



Tourmaline has the ability to boost the nervous system with energy as it has a cleansing and stabilizing effect. It removes blockages and improves blood circulation in the body. As a result, tourmaline is also effective in relieving stress, increasing mental well-being and strengthening the immune system.


Other ingredients:

Dextrin - binds all components absorbed by plasters and prevents them from returning back to the body.

Carapace powder - and is used in the dressing material for its haemostatic effects.

Vitamin C - strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, protects against oxidative stress, and improves lipid metabolism. Helps maintain healthy capillaries, bones, teeth, and helps in the absorption of iron. Acts as a stabilizing agent in the plasters.


Manufacturing process

Take a Plaster plasters are manufactured in a GMP and ISO certified facility. Akuna’s Scientific Board inspects the „Take a Plaster” manufacturing process on an ongoing basis and sees to it that all criteria are strictly complied with.

The effects, efficacy and safety of detoxification products made of purely natural materials have been proved in practice by millions of people during centuries of use of traditional Chinese medicine.


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