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Q and A with Dr. Bertlik

Question and Answer with Dr. Bertlik

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Q: When first taking a product intended for detoxification, many people have experienced what you call a healing crisis. Can you explain what causes this reaction and what should we do if we suffer from it?


A: “Healing crises” is a natural significant body initiated process that can occur when accumulated toxins are being eliminated from the body. Toxins are stored within the human body. Once a detoxifying agent is used, these toxins run through the system and we can start to feel much worse than before. This is what we call the healing crisis, which takes few days, no longer than two weeks. After this time period the body is able to eliminate amount of stored toxins. But we have to keep taking these agents in order to help the body eliminate the rest of the toxins.


Q: Should people who have gone through the healing crisis increase or decrease doses of the detoxifier?


A: It’s not important to change the amount. In some cases when people feel really bad, they can reduce the dosage by half. If they started from one ounce, it would be good for them to continue with half an ounce. The healing crisis can take up to a couple of weeks during which the body will improve. After those couple of weeks, they can return to the original dosage.


Q: What symptoms can we observe during the first stage of detoxification? At which point should one contact a physician?


A: The first things we may experience are headaches and fatigue. Those are signs that something is happening inside our bodies. A good sign of detoxification is being able to pass stools regularly. It’s very hard to know when to seek medical attention because there may be health conditions present which have not been diagnosed. In such situations I suggest stop taking all detoxifiers for one or two days and then restart with a lower dosage.


Q: How do sports and leading an active lifestyle influence the process of detoxification?

Physical activities are very important for our health, because they help eliminate toxins. While exercising, we lose a lot of toxins. Activities like walking make our body eliminate fat. There are other advantages as well. If we are physically active, we are speed up our blood flow. By speeding it up we bring more oxygen to our brain, so we can think more clearly. We can say that physical exercise makes us smarter and helps us be more mentally alert. I can’t stress how important it is for people to lead healthy lifestyles and to get moving.

Q: Why are so many people dying decades before their time?


A: When we are young, our body is still growing until the age of 20 to 25. After that, our body gradually begins to lose some of its functions and tissue begins to slowly deteriorate. We may be feeling fine until the age of 50 but soon after that the health problems begin to appear. These problems or conditions are the result of the 30 or 40 years of toxic material build-up in our system. It is absolutely essential to keep our system functioning properly and to keep it as clean as is possible.

Statistics state that the average 40-year-old person has up to 2 to 4 kilograms of mass (toxic material build-up) in their intestine at any given time. This mass is the result of food that has not been digested properly.



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