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Akuna is a leading manufacturer and international distributor of
top quality natural health products


Incentive Programs

FREE Shipping with our Autoship Program

With our Autoship automatic delivery program, you can save time and money! Conveniently receive your Akuna products before you run out - hassle free and let us cover the shipping costs. 

Don't need new product every month? 

No worries, you can set up your Autoship bimonthly and order as little as 1 case or as many as 5 cases of product at a time. Now that's a customer convenience program that makes sense!


How do I sign up?

Signing up for the Akuna Autoship Program is quick and easy.

Simply follow this link


Fill out the fillable PDF Autoship form and email it to canada@akuna.net or print out the filled form and fax it to 416-848-8435.


Akuna Autoship Program, how it works:

1. Only an agreement signed by the distributor is valid.

2. By joining the Autoship program, distributor receives ordered product monthly/bimonthly without any shipping costs (valid only for the amount of products on the Autoship agreement).

3. The maximum Autoship order is 5 cases per distributor per order.

4. Credit card processing and shipment of Autoship orders will be automatically carried out in the first week of every month.

5. Please note that we require a minimum of 5 business days to make changes to your billing and shipping information.

6. If a payment is dishonored and the customer does not make alternate arrangements with the Akuna office within the first 5 business days of the processing month, the Autoship agreement will automatically be cancelled.

7. Credit card is the only accepted method of payment.

8. Once a distributor cancels an Autoship order, the Autoship agreement will also be automatically canceled.

9. Once a distributor cancels the Autoship agreement, he/she can sign a new Autoship agreement once 6 months have passed.

10. Autoship purchase orders can be increased after 3 consecutive orders.





Getting ahead in today’s world can be difficult. That’s why many families are becoming home-based entrepreneurs, looking to companies like AKUNA to supplement their income. Health and Wellness companies like AKUNA offer hope for anyone wishing to build successful businesses. We are thrilled to announce a one-of-a-kind program for AKUNA distributors! Let us help put you in the home of your dreams…or help you pay your current rent or existing mortgage. With Akuna, you truly can live the life you’ve dreamed!

Starting this month, you can earn up to $1,000 each month towards your mortgage or rent! Begin today and qualify for your dream home even sooner than you thought! Qualifications are as follows:

·  Qualify for the AKUNA house program with two Qualified Direct Leaders

·  Submit copies of your current rental or mortgage agreement

·  Obtain minimum points of either 700 or 1,400 personally

·  Accumulate a minimum of 2100+ points from new Distributors registered in past 12 months down to your 3rd Generation

Personally Qualify with 700 points, and…

Points from New Distributors registered in past 12 months down to 3rd Generation

Maximum monthly House Program Payment Akuna will reimburse

 2,100 –   2,799

$   50

 2,800 –  4,199

$  100

 4,200 –  6,299

$  150

 6,300 –  8,499

$  200

 8,500 –  10,499

$  275

10,500 – 13,999

$  350

Personally Qualify with 1,400 points, and…

Points from New Distributors registered in past 12 months down to 3rd Generation

Maximum monthly House Program Payment Akuna will reimburse

 14,000 – 18,999

$  500

 19,000 – 22,999

$  650

 23,000 – 24,999

$  800






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