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ASAB member - Dr. Sohrab Khoshbin

The Akuna Scientific Advisory Board (ASAB) is a multi-disciplinary international board with expertise in areas of medicine, food and health sciences, technology, and beyond. The role of the advisory board is to research, design and develop cutting-edge food supplements to improve the lives of consumers around the world.


Dr. S. Khoshbin, Ph.D., M.Sc., D.N.M., D. Hom., D.Acu., T.C.M., D.A.M., C.H.T.

Prof. Sohrab Khoshbin (Ph.D.) is the founder and president of the Canadian College of Holistic Health. Dr. Khoshbin moved to Canada from his native Iran in 1980. Since then, he has worked tirelessly in educating himself and others about alternate forms of medicine. He has written four books about the uses of herbs and natural remedies that have been translated into seven other languages. Among many other things, he is the creator of numerous herbal remedies including ALVEO.


Q & A with Dr. Sohrab Khoshbin, Creator of Alveo and esteemed ASAB member:


1. What did you want to be as a child or youth?

Already as child, I wanted to be a Chemist. My father was a Pharmacist and I used to help him to make medicine. This inspired me to pursue to study Chemistry.


2. How did you become interested in herbology and holistic health?

In 1982, my wife became very ill. She had a herniated disk and severe back pain and eventually required surgery. But even after surgery, she continued to suffer from pain. Our family friend suggested to see his Homeopathic Doctor and so we did. The homeopathy consultation took about one hour, and he prescribed a homeopathic remedy. After just 2 weeks, she was feeling much better and after a month she was back to normal. I was amazed by the effectiveness of the treatment and so I decided to research more about it. That is how I came to study homeopathy and alternative medicine.


3. What made you decide to open the Canadian College of Holistic Health? What is the most important role of the College?

After I finished my studies in 1985, I established Canadian College of Holistic Health to educate others in homeopathy, acupuncture and alternative medicine. My decision was based on the fact that there were not enough colleges in Toronto that offered education in alternative medicine. The Canadian College of Holistic Health was only the second of its kind in the Toronto area at the time. 


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